Leitenberger LogoEVO offer a wide range of thermometers and temperature instruments. We are the UK agents for Leitenberger M & R GmbH. We can offer a temperature solution for most applications including a fully integrated bespoke design service.

Dial Thermometers



Inert Gas Filled Dial Thermometers
with capillary or rigid stem, 100mm or 160mm with or without electrical contacts, specifically designed for the process industries – food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cryogenics, chemical and petro-chemical and conventional and nuclear power stations. ATEX versions available.

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General Purpose

Nominal diameters from 52 mm to 160 mm. Ranges between –50 and +500 °C. Alcohol Filled Thermometers nominal diameters from 40 mm to 160 mm. Square sizes 48 x 48 mm, 52 x 52 mm, 72 x 72 mm, 96 x 96 mm. Thermometers are also available with digital display. Ranges from –60 to +380 °C. Glass Tube Thermometers available.

Bi Metal Thermometers



Bi-Metal Thermometers available with rigid stem or every angle stem, nominal diameters, 100, 125, 160 mm. Ranges between –50 and +600 °C. Available with or without liquid filling in glycerine or silicone. All Stainless Steel construction specifically designed for the process industries – food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cryogenics, chemical and petro-chemical and conventional and nuclear power stations. ATEX versions available.

Bi Metal Thermometer data sheet


General Purpose

Thermometers available for the H&V market, refrigeration, mechanical services, compressors, boilers etc with Brass Stem and Pocket. Nominal Diameter 50,60, 80, 100,125mm and 160mm Ranges –50 and +500 °C.

Full safety pattern Solid Front pressure gauges, nominal diameters 63, 100, 150 mm.

Special Build Bi Metal Thermometers

Cooker Applications

Bi Metal ThermometerBi Metal thermometers for Range Cookers and specialist cooker applications; EVO have many years experience in supplying these specialist products. Full details on request.



Log Burner Applications

LogSaver ThermometerOur Magnetic LogSaver thermometer is ideal for Woodburner specialists and can be fully designed to suit your requirements. Full details available on request.

Switching Thermometers and Temperature Switches

Switching ThermometersSwitching Thermometers available in many mounting configurations. Capillaries available in stainless steel, copper or plastic coverings. Many different bulb configurations and styles are also available.

Switching Thermometer data sheet

Digital Thermometers

Digital ThermometerA wide range of digital thermometers with solar panel options.

Digital Thermometer data sheet


GruppoSez9_3Thermowells are used to protect bulbs from effects of corrosion and process fluid flow enabling the thermometer to be replaced or calibrated without disturbing the process. Available on request.